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Thumbnail of Catalog of the Collections of Minerals in the College of South CarolinaCatalog of the Collections of Minerals in the College of South CarolinaCooper, Thomas, 1759-1839; Brumby, Richard Trapier, 1804-1875; Vanuxem, Lardner, 1792-1848; Gibbes, Lewis Reeves, 1810-1894; Martin, Daniel Strobel, 1842-1925; Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-1886; Krantz, Adam August, 1808-18721848Richland County, South Carolina, United States
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Thumbnail of Quartz, 11656Quartz, 11656Sample of numerous clustered, colorless, translucent, stoutly hexagonal quartz crystals on a base of massive quartz. On the underside of the base are several quartz crystals formed with stepped sides, also known as ""Babel-Quartz"".Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Thumbnail of Pyrochlore Group, 7894Pyrochlore Group, 7894Small rock sample of tiny bright orange octahedral pyrrhite (pyrochlore group indeterminate mineral) embedded in white albite feldspar with many small black prismatic crystals (probably pyroxene) throughout.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804San Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal
Thumbnail of Apophyllite, 5739Apophyllite, 5739Cluster of large milky white translucent crystals of prismatic apophyllite.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Ahmednagar, India
Thumbnail of Brewsterite, 5146Brewsterite, 5146Sample of pearly white feldspar covered with clusters of many small transparent colorless columnar brewsterite crystals.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Strontian, Highland, Scotland, United Kingdom
Thumbnail of Wohlerite, 6612Wohlerite, 6612Small granitic rock sample with yellow brown massive wohlerite, with small black platy biotite mica and gray massive feldspar. A large splintery black fractured crystal of schorlomite is also present.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Stavern, Vestfold, Norway
Thumbnail of Strontianite, 8897Strontianite, 8897Specimen is a fragment of translucent white massive stronitanite with some dark gray veining.Gibbes, Lewis Reeves, 1810-1894; Gibbes, Lewis Reeves, 1810-1894; Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-1886Schoharie, Schoharie County, New York, United States
Thumbnail of Limonite, 8088Limonite, 8088Small irregular nodule of orange brown earthy limonite with a small subhedral crystal of yellow translucent phenakite in the form of a flattened rhombohedron.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-1886; Heuland, John Henry, 1778-1856, Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Framont, Alsace, France
Thumbnail of Meteorite, X1749Meteorite, X1749Thin (0.9 cm) slice of a roughly trapezoidal cross-section of the meteorite. The cross-section is metallic iron, nickel-rich, cut with a polished surface and shows no Widmannstatten structures.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861842Babb's Mill, Greene County, Tennessee, United States
Thumbnail of Petalite, 1407Petalite, 1407Large sample of gray massive petalite with a small vein of dark green micaceous material at on end.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Bolton, Worcester County,Massachusetts, United States
Thumbnail of Linarite, 5605Linarite, 5605Relatively large bright blue tabular crystals of linarite with earthy green malachite and colorless massive quartz on a base of quartz rich matrix. There are also fine veinlets of blue and green throughout the rock.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Roughton Gill Mine, Cumberland, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom
Thumbnail of Meteorite, X1753Meteorite, X1753Small cut fragment of silvery metallic iron meteorite. Overall shape is somewhat triangular. The weight of this sample compares favorably to Riley's 1963 thesis, however Shepard's 1853 inventory refers to a 98 gram sample.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-1886; Heuland, John Henry, 1778-1856; Heuland, John Henry, 1778-1856;Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861847Vychodocesky, Czech Republic
Thumbnail of Wad, 5333Wad, 5333Two fragments of dark gray earthy irregularly shaped wad with yellow limonite.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Riechelsdorf, Hessen, Germany
Thumbnail of Barite, 3341Barite, 3341Large heavy cluster of opaque white bladed barite crystals in large rosette groupings. Terminal ends of many blades have small black spherules, possibly a manganese growth.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Cumberland, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom
Thumbnail of Libethenite, 9229Libethenite, 9229Phyllitic rock fragment with dark green to black equant libethenite crystals in a cavity. Much brown powdery limonite is also present.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Lubietova, Banskobystricky, Slovakia
Thumbnail of Hessite, 1561Hessite, 1561Sample of massive, white calcite with at least three veins of dark gray, metallic hessite. Historic Catalog suggests the presence of petzite, however none is observable.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Savodinski Mine, Russia, Siberia
Thumbnail of Erythrite, 3306Erythrite, 3306Dark gray rock fragment with a fracture surface covered with drusy and radiating clusters of tiny pinkish purple acicular erythrite crystals. Another surface of the rock is partially covered with a crust of pinkish earthy erythrite.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Riechelsdorf, Hessen, Germany
Thumbnail of Garnet, 11479Garnet, 11479Small rock sample composed of brown resinous Elaeolite with a small broken crystal of black fractured schorlomite garnet, and veins of white massive thomsonite (ozarkite).Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-1886; Gibbes, Lewis Reeves, 1810-1894; Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Magnet Cove, Hot Spring County, Arkansas, United States
Thumbnail of Anglesite, 10424Anglesite, 10424Single crystal of colorless translucent anglesite with tan prismatic striated phosgenite, all in a large cluster of small cubic silver metallic galena crystals. This specimen is very heavy.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Perkiomen, Pennsylvania, United States
Thumbnail of Rhodochrosite, 6635Rhodochrosite, 6635Sample of massive dark pink rhodochrosite with earthy black manganese oxide. Specimen was historically identified as rhodonite, but effervesces weakly in HCl.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Cummington, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, United States
Thumbnail of Albite, 5025Albite, 5025Large blocky sample of pearly white (though dirty) albite (plagioclase feldspar) with white perthite twinning. Fractured along cleavage planes at nearly 90 degrees.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Alstead, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, United States
Thumbnail of Margarodite,11518Margarodite,11518Sample of massively intergrown diamond shaped crystals of pearly white margarodite with no surrounding matrix.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Trumbull, Fairfield County,Connecticut, United States
Thumbnail of Sylvanite, 3161Sylvanite, 3161Rock fragment of volcanic porphyry with dark gray metallic sylvanite in granular and bladed masses on one side. The other side is cut to exhibit the porphyritic nature of the parent rock.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Baia de Aries, Alba County, Romania
Thumbnail of Siderite, 8311Siderite, 8311Several large (2-2.5 centimeter diameter) botryoidal of black to brown fibrous siderite on fine grained black matrix, probably basalt. Three large masses are nearly spherical.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804Ehrenfriedersdorf, Saxony, Germany
Thumbnail of Cronstedtite, 1996Cronstedtite, 1996Very small sample of several clustered groups of black radiating fibers of cronstedtite with minor amounts of colorless granular quartz.Shepard, Charles Upham, 1804-18861804
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